The following is work that people used to do. Now these are automated.

Design Engineering checks between CAD drawings

4,600 Hours Per Year Saved * $200/hr = $920,000/yr of savings + reduced errors + engineers can work on harder jobs.

Additional engineering automation has added up to an additional 5,400 hours/yr includes CATIA, complex specification logic, and excel(of course). With programming we can do things that were impossibly difficult to calculate with specification logic. In one case our program took ~24 hours to run. Previous to this program Engineers would guess a few easy ones and check, with programming the computer can figure out all possible combinations.

Navigate annoying internal software, collect data, format and prepare email.

510 Hours Per Person Per Year Saved. As a bonus when the user had the email already prepared with the details, the user could quickly add personality to the email.

Automatic Classification Of Warranty Claims

Due to a legacy technical bug, warranty claims were cut off at 180 characters, this made classifying difficult. Technically what we call today AI, we used an ensemble method using Random Forest, Naive Bayes, and some dumb stats. In the modern day we would use an LLM like chatGPT(or offline variant) and could have this solved in under 2 hours.

Hotkeys and Tools for a Medical Clinic

Hotkeys to navigate their sluggish note taking software and update the group calendar on Google, something that was manually done and previously often forgotten.

2 minutes * 60 patients per week * 50 weeks a year = 100 hours saved

Custom Flyers Individualized marketing that combined google maps and the person’s home address

Passively made 10 personalized flyers per minute.