Founded in 2023, our corporation represents the culmination of a profound journey in innovation, excellence, and technological advancement. The bedrock of our organization is the extensive expertise accumulated from decades of programming experience, alongside a significant tenure of 8 years dedicated to Automotive Design Engineering. This foundation has enabled us to carve a niche in the industry, offering unparalleled solutions aimed at optimizing engineering processes, enhancing accuracy, and achieving feats beyond human capability.

Founding our organization is Michael Kirk, whose passion for technology was ignited in his early years. At 3 years old, our founder’s father had taught him how to use Windows 3.1. By high school he was programming video games.

Transitioning into the professional arena, Michael’s expertise now included a Chemical Engineering degree. From a Process Engineer in a Foam Seat Manufacturing plant to Telematics Design Engineering, his innovative use of custom software has been instrumental in reducing engineering workload, eliminating errors, and performing tasks previously deemed beyond the scope of human ability.

A significant milestone in Michael’s career was achieved in 2021, where his efforts resulted in an annual savings of over 3000 hours. This remarkable achievement underscored the potential for technology to revolutionize industry practices, culminating in the founding of our corporation in 2023.

Our mission is a reflection of Michael’s lifelong commitment to innovation and excellence: to reduce engineering work, eliminate errors, and transcend the limitations of human capability through the power of technology. As we forge ahead, our corporation remains dedicated to upholding these principles, driving progress, and setting new standards in the industry.