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We Automate Jobs

Eliminate Overtime: save money, create work-life balance

We focus on business cases. Every hour we spend is giving you a profit.

Say we make a simple automation tool for $1000. This tool saves 5 minutes per day, each person using it is going to save over 20 hours per year. If 5 employees making $35/hr are using it that’s $3,500 of savings in year 1. After a few years, this multiplies and scales with each person using it. All while employees work less overtime and can spend more time with their families.

Profit = Revenue – (Expenses – $3,500) + $1,000

Profit: Revenue – (Expenses – $2,500)

Profit: Revenue – Expenses + $2,500

In 3 years, you have a 10x return on your $1000 simple automation tool. A 3 month contract could have you saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, reoccurring.

We are a profit generation company, can you find a better investment opportunity than us?

Automate daily tasks in Microsoft Windows, on webpages, in internal software, on excel, and more.

  • If there is a business case, we will automate it
  • Comparing and manipulating excel files
  • Auto opening internal programs, navigating it, gathering data, and outputting in Excel or Email.
  • Generation of reports
  • Gathering pertinent information from files
  • Preparing Emails based on data
  • Sending Emails
  • We have experience with automating tasks in Design and Release Engineering, Medical notes and secretarial work, and individualized marketing.

    Seamless integration, No IT needed, Local to South East Michigan to eliminate time-consuming ‘back and forth’ communication

    Text/Email/Call and we can be in person in as little as 30 minutes. No time zone differences or language barriers, we communicate clearly to save you time. We will shadow someone at the company and find cases for automation, calculate the business case, and build an automation tool. Our programs do not require IT approval to run, by the end of today, you could already be increasing your profits.

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