Profit Through Automation

Work done by humans on the computer can be automated with custom software.

Eliminate Human Error, Save Time, Save on Labor.

Automate Once, Never Spend Human Hours Again

We have automated thousands of hours of work, never to be done by a human again.

GM | Automated Emails

Automated Emails

Engineers spent 1 hour daily navigating internal software to get Work Order approval names, to write reminder.

Nissan | Automated Warranty Reports

Engineering Managers were making sophisticated warranty reports for their director. Automation saved each manager 2 hours per week.

Woodbridge Foam Corporation | Info Kiosk

Full development of Kiosk and customized reports for Process Engineering’s visual reporting system.

Move To Success Physical Therapy | Automated Calendar Work

Doctors were manually adding patients to Google Calendar after inputting data into note system.

Adaptive Environments | Sales Calculator

Allowed forecasting of profits while adjusting for commission percentage, base salary, legacy rules, target goals, operation costs, and margins.

Top 5 Automotive OEM | Automated CAD Checks

Over 6000 hours saved/yr automating CAD Checks engineers would manually measure, compare to specs, and add to a report.

Free Custom Software: Ready This Week

With experienced programmers and extensive programming libraries, we can have custom software ready in days or sooner.

Automate Engineering Work

  • Automate CAD Work.
  • Build out parts lists with a single click.
  • Automatically calculate and check max/min conditions.

Extend Your Human Abilities

  • Free your Manpower to work on harder problems.
  • Use software to calculate things humans cannot.
  • With custom software, anything is possible.

“Kirk Automation’s was very helpful and has great ideas. We used their software in our meeting to help put a deal together.”

Michael Bosley

President, Adaptive Environments

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